Semih Salar

Team Player for Weast Germany Esports



Team Player 

Member Since: 2020
Gamertag: Klid.Weast
Languages: Türkçe (Motherlanguage), English
Place of Residence: Türkiye :flag_tr:
Active Games: Rainbow Six Siege
Rocket League





Personal Text:

Hi, my Name is Semih, but you can call me as Sam. I actually live in Türkiye, but sometimes I visit Germany to make some Holidays. I am a Mechatronics Engineer freshmen in a University in Ankara, Türkiye. I love to listen to Music, play Videogames and I love Sports!!!
I played american football before, but I quit after 3 years and now I am just a student who plays PC.

This is how I came across Weast Germany:

I met one of the members in Rainbow Six Siege. She Invited me after this match and I really enjoyed it. So I just wanted to be in the Team, to have some fun and improve my German Skills 😀

What makes Weast Germany special:

In my mind, Weast Germany is a nice Team to have fun and spent time with. Even though i can not speak german that well, but they tried their best to communicate with me and helped to practice german. Also Weast Germany is my first Esports Team and I really love it!